Redwood Valley Municipal Advisory Council’s Website Up and Running!

As of December 2016, the Redwood Valley MAC’s brand new website is now up and live at The MAC has been officially meeting monthly since last June. The second Wednesday of each month, 5 to 7 pm, has been designated as the regular monthly meeting time. Meetings are currently held at the Redwood Valley Grange/Guild, 8650 East Road, just north of the Fire Station. If meeting times or locations change, the public will be immediately informed on this site, the RVMAC site,  and elsewhere.

The seven-member (plus two alternate members) MAC has been working hard on reviewing development proposals, attending public meetings with County officials, and continuing to work in opposition to Dollar General’s plan to build a 9,100 sq. ft. store at East Road and School Way. The latest news regarding the court case against Dollar General’s plan is now posted on the RVMAC site here.

Also look to the RVMAC website for agendas, minutes from past meetings, and administrative information about the MAC, including membership and an application form for those interested in becoming members. There is currently a waiting list of applicants, but the MAC looks to interested parties when we move forward with research projects and other plans. In the near future, the MAC will be holding public meetings to create an updated Community Plan, which will be intended to supplement the General Plan and Zoning Code in further defining what kinds of development will, or will not, work for Redwood Valley. Wide public input will be necessary if we are to outline the specifics for this Plan, so keep watching for more information.

Meetings are open to everyone, and generally run about 2 hours. Public comment is welcome—in fact, that’s what the MAC is all about: empowering Redwood Valley residents to take a stronger stand in the vision and future of our community. Come and join your neighbors, and keep up to date by watching for additions to the website. More content is planned, and a contact form is available on the RV MAC site for sending questions or comments to the MAC directly. This is your chance. Your new Municipal Advisory Council is  composed of Redwood Valley residents just like you — we welcome and encourage you to participate and help shape the future of our wonderful and unique little valley!


About Lou Brooks

Lou Brooks is the administrator and night security guard here at the Smart Growth Rural Mendocino website.
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