Redwood Valley MAC Public Meeting June 14 to Update Community Plan

The Redwood Valley Municipal Advisory Council (MAC) invites all residents of Redwood Valley and interested stakeholders to a planning meeting on June 14, from 6 to 8pm at the Redwood Valley Grange, to create the new vision of the community for the next 20 years.Formed by the Board of Supervisors a year ago, the MAC is observing its first anniversary by starting work to update the 2004 Redwood Valley Community Action Plan.

Community plans are used by Planning Commissions and Boards of Supervisors when development projects are considered for those areas. For example, when the Dollar General corporation wanted to build stores in Mendocino County, they selected Redwood Valley in part because the community is largely unregulated regarding commercial development and environmental impacts. With no specific rules preventing formula businesses or strip malls, and no need for specific environmental review, big corporations know that local residents and public boards have few tools to manage development. Cities may enact specific permit processes and limitations on development, but unincorporated communities largely rely on Boards of Supervisors. However, with a strong community plan in hand, the residents’ views can be clearly communicated to decision makers, and even incorporated into the County General Plan and zoning ordinances.

Chris Boyd, current chair of the seven member MAC, is hoping for strong participation in the new Plan’s development. “If you know what, you know how. By that I mean that if we in Redwood Valley clearly state what we want for our little town and what we don’t want, we stand on more solid ground to prevent the kinds of intrusions into our lifestyle that the Dollar General represents.” Adds Vice-Chair Sheilah Rogers, “We love our rural lifestyle and the diversity of local enterprises. The last Plan was written with participation from over 100 residents. It was a start. But we need more residents to participate and clarify the goals for our future.”

The MAC has received a $1,000 grant from the Community Foundation of Mendocino County to hold community meetings to focus on a new vision for Redwood Valley. On June 14, from 6 to 8 pm, a facilitated meeting will collect residents’ views on their hopes, goals, and needs for Redwood Valley’s future. All ages and a wide diversity of opinions are encouraged for the first “brainstorming” session,preparatory to two more meetings in early Fall to refine specific goals and objectives.

For more information about the Plan process and other MAC activities, go to their website at . Additionally, stakeholders unable to attend the first meeting on June 14 may send written comments at any time to: Redwood Valley MAC, PO Box 243, Redwood Valley, Ca.95470. Be sure to include name and contact information for updates. Comments may also be made via the Redwood Valley MAC website Comments page.


About Lou Brooks

Lou Brooks is the administrator and night security guard here at the Smart Growth Rural Mendocino website.
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