New Redwood Valley Community Plan Centers on Town’s Identity

By Ashley Tressel, Ukiah Daily Journal, June 15, 2017

The small, farming town of Redwood Valley is having an identity crisis. Housing a tight-knit community of people who know and work the land, the town is yearning for a set of clear-cut values, an image that it wants to define itself by.

So far, that includes small, sustainable farming; boutique, live-in stores; and an old-fashioned Western feel. That is what the town’s Municipal Advisory Council heard from an eager group of residents on Wednesday evening, who met in the Redwood Valley Grange to brainstorm what they want for their town going forward and what values they want to uphold.

The meeting was the first in a series with the goal of updating the 2004 Redwood Valley Community Action Plan.

Chris Boyd, council chairwoman, said the old objectives did not go far enough to keep out unwanted business (i.e. Dollar General). Residents fiercely oppose Dollar General’s impending development in their town  …read more!


About Lou Brooks

Lou Brooks is the administrator and night security guard here at the Smart Growth Rural Mendocino website.
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