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WickAvatarSM Christine Boyd, Managing Editor-in-Chief   Chris Boyd (childhood nickname: Wick) worked for over 32 years in public administration for a large Southern California county before fleeing to Mendocino County to enjoy the quiet life with husband Tom Schoeneman. Between gardening, visiting with family, teaching ballet at Mendocino College, and trying to grow vegetables, she hopes to be a beneficial presence in helping to preserve the county as a haven to residents and visitors alike.

SheilahAvatarSM  Sheilah Rogers, Editor   Sheilah Rogers moved to Redwood Valley in 1972, and is still grateful to have found the place that she and husband Steve call home. Sheilah is a recognized pioneer and champion of microenterprise development in the U.S. As the founding CEO of Mendocino County’s West Company, she has worked with colleagues in California and across the country to recognize locally owned small businesses as the major economic engine of rural economies.

AlexAvatarSM  Alex de Grassi, Contributor  Alex is a Bay Area native who has spent the better part of the past 40 composing music, making recordings, and traveling around the world playing guitar.  He and his wife Alison made the big move from San Francisco to Redwood Valley in 1994, and they have both been active in the greater Mendocino community with projects like S.P.A.C.E, Ukiah Valley Smart Growth, Visit Mendocino, and numerous fundraising activities. Alex takes a keen interest in planning issues, forever hoping to validate the five years he spent as a student of Economic Geography at UC Berkeley.

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CassieAvatarSM2  Cassie Taaning-Trotter, Contributor

LouAvatarSM2  Lou Brooks, Site Administrator


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